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"Coach David Marean and NYS Elite Athletics is a first class product.  Coach sleeps, breathes and teaches the game of football to not only the players in his program, but the parents as well.  His organization and detailed oriented mind-set allows players to be prepared both on and off the field.  Coach truly seeks the improvement in not only every player in his program, but other surrounding districts.  If you want to be a part of something special, get involved with Coach David Marean and NYS Elite Athletics." -Rob Kramer, St John Fisher College Offensive Coordinator

"David Marean is one of the most respected high school football coach in western New York. His commitment to the development of the football culture is second to none. NYS Elite Athletics provides opportunities other high school players in states like Florida, California, and Texas have readily and ongoing! The opportunity to learn new skills and compete during the offseason is crucial for any aspiring athlete. I support anything Coach Marean and NYS Elite Athletics do." ​-Jameel Dumas, former Syracuse All American LB,  Arena, NFL Europe player, and Professional Trainer.

"I can tell you that having worked at this camp in the past, NYS Elite Athletics puts on a first class experience for campers. Coach David Marean is a phenomenal coach and organizes great events that benefit everyone who is involved. These camps are outstanding opportunities for kids to get top notch instruction and improve their skill and techniques, as well as a terrific way for them to get exposure to numerous coaches from colleges all over Section 5. I’m looking forward to continuing my involvement with Coach Marean and NYS Elite Athletics in the future."
- Coach  Scott Linn, Alfred State Head Coach

"Coach Dave Marean is one of the top coaches in Section V.  The staff he had working the camp was outstanding consisting of high school and college coaches, as well as Division 1 players.  One thing I noticed about Dave is that he coached every kid at camp like they were his own. This is a great quality to have as a High School coach. I asked my grandson, Maximus, how he liked the camp and he loved it!! He can't wait until the next one!! Getting the opportunity to be coached by some great coaches was an excellent football experience. This is the type of camp that can make your football dreams come true!   It was also nice to be working on football skills and getting better as a player in March.  If you want to be the best and be a standout player this is the camp for you...be a part of NYS Elite Athletics.  Looking forward to the next camp!!! "
 -Wayne Carroll, Legendary High School Football Coach, (Grandfather) Bath, NY

"Coach he loved it and is looking forward to the next workshop. Thanks for hosting this one."
-Crystal Ahrens - parent of camper

The NYS Elite Athletics Showcase was a well organized event that allowed players in Western NY to display their talents in a competitive and up close setting.  College coaches were able to see the players in individual and group drills including 1-1 competitions.  At the completion of the Showcase, players and college coaches were able to connect in person making the recruiting process more personal.  As a High School Head Coach, this was a great way for our college ready players to be seen and get their names out to colleges.   - Jason Collins High School Head Football Coach 

'Coach Marean and staff put on an amazing opportunity for the rising players in WNY.  Incredibly organized and efficient, this camp provides a chance to grow as a player and learn skills that can be taken back to your programs.  Coach and the staff have an immense pride and passion for WNY football and it shows!  An amazing opportunity and thankful to be involved!"

-Seth Willimas, UofR Defensive Line Coach

I thought the showcase was great. Very well organized and efficient.  The turnaround of player information was impressive.  Thanks for the invite
                                                                  -Aaron Backhaus, Defensive Coordinator-Hobart College

As always, working the NYS Elite Athletics Showcase was a great experience for the athletes & Coaches. I personally enjoy working with Dave because he makes it fun and allows us as coaches to put them through some more advanced drills. The environment is special every time. Which is why he’ll always have my full support. The showcase is a must for athletes looking to play college football.
                      - Maurice Jackson -Founder MJSpeed School and former Syracuse and Arena Football player
"Coach, Jake has never been more excited about football as he is now after camp. He left feeling confident and comfortable. Awesome experience for all , players parents and coaches. Thank You!"
-Neil Giudice, parent

"The NYS Elite Athletics 7 on 7 league was the perfect balance of having fun and seriously improving the skill levels of kids of all football levels!  I'm looking forward to having my kids compete in the league again in future years!"   -  Paul Giovine, Head Varsity Football Coach, Penn Yan Academy

The NYS Elite Showcase was an opportunity to showcase the skills of some of the best athletes in the state, in a competitive environment. It provides the athlete with another opportunity to become a better football player, through drills, that can be practiced on their own. The event brings together some of the best high school coaches and many college coaches to provide networking opportunities for young athletes.
-Kyle Pignatiello, Cortland College Coach

"Leading up to this camp, I knew that it was going to be a great opportunity for NYS High School Football Players after seeing the amount of time that David Marean puts in to this camp. His preparation and determination to make high school football in the area better is unmatched. This camp was an excellent experience for myself and for the campers."
- Brian Stoldt, Alfred Univeristy College Coach

I've worked with Coach Marean at the last 2 NYS Elite Athletics football camps & I will say that this camp is a great experience & learning opportunity that players should absolutely take advantage of. Coach Marean is definitely one of the good guys in the area that is trying to give our young players quality with everything he does. I will always be by his side in helping our players get better. NYS Elite Athletics is a top notch organization that puts quality first & that's what our kids deserve. 
              - Maurice Jackson -Founder MJSpeed School and former Syracuse and Arena Football player

"Thanks to Coach Marean for the camp last Friday night had a bunch of fun."
                                                      -Jon Kabes, HFL HS Player

"Coach Marean , thanks for putting on such a wonderful camp. This was Damian's  first impression of organized football . You and your coaches left a positive imprint on my young man in three days! It gave him a taste of what's to come. Thanks again. We will be back next year for sure!"
                                                        -Dustin Kopicki - parent

After working with NYS Elite Athletics and Coach David Marean for the first time I can tell you that this camp is worth its weight in gold.  Coach Marean does a fantastic job creating a positive atmosphere for young athletes to improve their skills while learning from some of the best coaches in the area at the high school and collegiate levels. I hope to be invited back to the next camp Coach Marean puts together!  -Alex Peebles, Alfred State College Coach

"I have been boasting about it to anyone affiliated with youth football- including the USA Football master trainers. I asked my son yesterday if he enjoyed it and he said he had a blast. It was a great experience and really beneficial to our program." 
                                                            - David Gleason, Victor Youth Football Board Member and Parent

"This camp was awesome! My boys are already talking about going again  next year. The coaches were hands on and very knowledgeable. Thank You! We will see you next year! "- Julie Conaway - Parent

"I loved the 7on7 season.  It was great to work on my football skills with my teammates in an organized league in the offseason.  I play multiple sports and the Sunday morning schedule was perfect for my schedule.  I really liked playing 7on7 and working on team's passing game." 
                                                              - Giovanni D'Anna, HFL Youth Player

“Thanks for a great learning experience tonight. Had a lot of fun!”
-Camden White, Batavia HS player

"The experience was awesome! Coaches were enthusiastic and so knowledgeable, my favorite football camp to date." -Nick Graziano, camper

"The 1st Annual NYS Elite Athletics 7on7 season was a great experience for the players, coaches, and parents.  Everyone commented on how well it was conducted and the fun the boys had playing.  It was an invaluable offseason event for the youth players and coaches to be able to organize and play 7on7.  We plan to be back next year.  Thanks for all the hard work by your group to do this for our children."  - 
Steve D'Anna, HFL Youth Coach and parent

"The experience of the NYS Elite Athletics was second to none. Coach Marean instilled not only football knowledge but character building with our boys. The entire coaching staff was outstanding. I ask my son Brock Brazie at every camp what he learned and leaving this camp he gave me a list. As a dad that's all I needed to know that this camp was amazing".   David Brazie-Parent 

"I couldn't be more happy about what my son experienced. He learned so much about football in that short amount of time. Price was right and what a line up of coaches! It doesn't get any better!"
 - Tim Graziano, parent 

"We had a great time!  It was fun to compete against players from teams we don't normally play during our regular season.  We improved our skills and made some great new friends and we can't wait to play again next year!."
- Chris, Luke, & Dominic Giovine, Penn Yan Players

"I would like to start by out saying the league was ran very well. It really helped my son improve his skills and confidence in a fun and controlled environment." - Paul Nellis, parent and youth coach

“This was a great opportunity for my son to practice both offense and defense skills in the offseason. He had a lot of fun competing against such quality competition. This league is a great development opportunity for youth football in the area.” 
– Jan Maneti, parent and youth football coach

"It was a ton of fun and everyone learned a lot.  This is the first time I have ever seen this done at this level.  It will be noticed in the fall that the kids who played every Sunday, will be far ahead of the kids that did not.  The atmosphere was positive and all the kids learned the right way on how to play the passing game.  This Is a great idea, not too short, not too long.  Dave, thanks for the leadership in your role, you are a tremendous teacher and coach." 
-Peter McCabe, High School Football Official

"Had the pleasure to speak at Dave Marean’s football camp at Wayne High School. Before I spoke, I watched the camp and was very impressed with Dave Marean’s organization and leadership skills. In observing Dave coach his players in drills, I witnessed his outstanding ability to teach football techniques  as well as his strong passion for the game of football. What was most impressive about Dave was his relationship with his players. His team was well disciplined and you could feel how much Dave cared about each player. His program had a wonderful culture! The greatest compliment I can give Dave is that it would have been an honor to have my son play on Dave’s team. I would highly recommend that any player attend Dave’s camp and be part of a special program." 
                                                              - Coach Jim Johnson, Professional Speaker