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NYS Elite 7on7


NYS Elite Athletics starts its 2nd Annual season of Spring/Summer
NYS Elite 7on7 Sunday Passing League and Passing Tournaments. The sport of 7on7  is rapidly growing across the nation, as more and more coaches, players and parents are discovering that 7on7 football is a fun and inexpensive way for football players to practice their skills and prepare for the upcoming Youth, Middle School and High School Seasons.

"The 1st Annual NYS Elite Athletics 7on7 season was a great experience for the players, coaches, and parents.  Everyone commented on how well it was conducted and the fun the boys had playing.  It was an invaluable offseason event for the youth players and coaches to be able to organize and play 7on7.  We plan to be back next year.  Thanks for all the hard work by your group to do this for our children." 
-Steve D'Anna, HFL Youth Coach and Parent​

We had a great time!  It was fun to compete against players from teams we don't normally play during our regular season.  We improved our skills and made some great new friends and we can't wait to play again next year! - Chris, Luke, & Dominic Giovine, Penn Yan players

Top 10 reasons to play in the NYS Elite 7on7
Sunday Passing Leagues and Tournaments:

1.   It’s fun and exciting 
2.   All games are played on local facilities
3.   Tremendous competition
4.   League games on the same day each week and weekly standings are

      kept on website too!
5.   There are 4 Divisions (current 4th/5th grade, current 6th/7th grade,  

      current 8th/9th grade (JV) and current 10th/11th grade (Varsity)
6.   We will have Certified High School Officials
7.   You are simulating how the game is played by a small skill position
8.   The defense can score points too (TD-6, INT-3 and turnover on

9.   There are awards handed out for both Tournaments and Leagues. 
10. But the BIGGEST and Most Important is that Players and Teams will         get noticeably BETTER!!!

Click on the 7on7 League Link below to learn more details, as well as  to register.

  1. Kickoff Classic
    One Day Tournament
    4 Games Guaranteed
  2. League Play
    Sunday League Play
    12 Games Guaranteed
7on7 YOUTH Tournament
7on7 League